Help Wanted and Help Found!

Good help is hard to find.  We have been blessed with a lot of business, so that means we have to find help!  While it is a bit scary to trust anyone else to provide the same kind of excellent customer service Don and I strive to give to each and every customer, we knew we had to hire help or just shut down the business.  We currently are advertising for a couple more part time pet service specialists, and we have a specific hiring process that must be followed for applicants to even get an interview.  If you know of anybody who is interested, please direct them to our website!!!

A few months ago we hired two ladies, Debbie and Jane, who are working out great so far!  Their help is a life saver for both of us and their assigned customers, furry, feathered, scaly and human, all seem very happy with them both.

Last week I reached out to Debbie and Jane to ask if they were interested in contributing their first impressions of the job for the blog.  Debbie does most of the daily dog walks, and she said the job is all she thought it would be and said the welcoming barks, playfulness and guarding dad’s things all make her job worth it.

Jane took it a step further and wrote a poem that I am happy to share here…..

Jane’s Jingle

“I have an idea”, I hear from the boss,
Please add to our site your blog.
But I don’t have a clue of what a blog is
Do I write about cats and dogs?

“Just write how you feel, and how you like
your first months as a sitter”.
So here goes folks, I’ll do my best, and you
MAY recognize your critter !

Whats the best part, how do I start?
Choose feathers, fins or fur?
I think I’ll choose feathers, and a story or two
Before we move on to more.

The parrots are gorgeous and boy can they eat !
The full seed dishes they cannot keep,
For food flings about, they have so much fun
I swear I REALLY did sweep !

I love the city kitties that aren’t quite the norm
Their antics up high in the loft.
A cat with no FUR?? I’d not seen such things
And who knew their skin was so soft?

Now to my buddy, the dragon with beard,
Who doesn’t like missing his lunch.
His meal worms and kale so dear to his heart
Boy can those little worms crunch !

My most challenging yet were the kitties of 5
My attentions at first they resist.
Counter-surfing they did, and all stood in line,
To see who with food would assist.

That’s just a small start, to give you a grin
And hope it’s YOUR pet here you see.
If you like what I wrote, just give us a shout
And you’ll get some more poems from ME.

Jane Thomas-Bedel LPN
4 August 2015


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