Did you know that 1st Rate Pet Services is hiring ?

This is about how busy we are getting!
This is about how busy we are getting!

As some of you know, we are advertising for help wanted. One of our very loyal customers sent me an email a few weeks ago, concerned about having someone she didn’t know come into her house and care for her pets while she is away. She had seen our ad and was very worried. I sent her back an email regarding why we have decided to hire somebody, what kind of person we are looking for and what our procedure will be for bringing the new person on board. I would like to share an edited version of that email here so anybody who might be concerned will have some questions answered.

Here is the edited version (taking out her personal information) of the email I sent back addressing her concerns:


We are currently at a point where we are going to have to start saying no to new customers because we are so busy with our already established customers, so we decided to try and find another person to bring on board.

 We do not ever want to be a company that has a list of unscreened, untrusted people we call “pet sitters” and just randomly picks a sitter to go do a job.  I want you to know that our first priority is always and will always be the well being of our furry clients and we are being very picky in our process of finding the right person to hire. We are looking for one person right now, and whoever we hire has to have all of the same visions and values we do when it comes to pets, as well as have an over abundance of honesty, dependability and other similar characteristics!  We are looking for someone to work closely with us and bring in even more positive energy and vision to what we are doing.

 If and when we do find someone we feel is right to bring into our business, all of our current customers will be informed about who we choose and will have an opportunity to meet the person. For anybody who hires us after we have a new pet sitter, the new sitter will go with one of us to the consultation to meet them right up front. 

 If we ever consider having anybody else pet sit for our already established customers we will never just bring somebody new in without letting you know. We will first call you and ask if you would mind meeting the new person and seeing if you felt comfortable with her first.  Even then for the first # of visits either Don or I will be going with the new person just so we make sure the care given is up to our high standards.  

 So please do not worry, we are not going to making any changes to your particular situation now. Whenever you need us going forward, as always it will either be myself or Don coming to your home to care for your pets, and if we do ever hire anyone, we will let you know, set up a time you can meet, and get your approval for the person to come into your home before anything further is done. 

 Your business is very important to us, and we do not wish to have you feel uncomfortable in any way with our service.  Please let us know if you have any other questions and thank you again for being a loyal, valued customer.


We want to provide 1st Rate care for your beloved pets

I was very happy that this particular client responded back positively to my email.  It is a big step to go from a small, home based business working by yourselves to finding outside help to do the work, and we do not take this lightly.  There is an obvious need for trusted people to help care for beloved pets in our area, and Don and I have been very fortunate to be connected to some wonderful clients who have learned to trust us with their pets and their homes.  We want to continue to provide this service personally, but two people can only do so much since we can only be in 2 places at once, and we also need time off once in awhile so we can rejuvenate!  The only alternative is to start telling people we can’t help them if we are already booked and to just be unavailable for specific times so we can both get much needed rest.  So we have taken it upon ourselves to find another person who can be just as dependable and trustworthy as we have been to help us help pet owners, and to be a valued team member who can bring in new ideas and knowledge to expand our services.


In a future post I will discuss more of our visions and ideas. As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact us.




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