Do you love working with animals? Do you have a very flexible schedule? Are you searching for a more independent work-style?  Are you dependable, honest and detail oriented? If so, we want to meet you!

We are a small home-based services business searching for a new member to join our team on a part time, as-needed basis to start with.

As a pet sitter, house cleaner, or window washer, you will perform visits as assigned to assure the home environment is at high standerds to comply with our philosophy and our statement, "Keeping you, your pets, & the environment healthy!".

As a pet sitter, you help pets stay happy and healthy while their owners are away.  Your visit tasks may include feeding, dog walking, dog waste pickup, general home care, cleaning litter boxes and cages, and possibly administering pet medications.  You may also be required to water plants, bring in mail and/or newspaper and other tasks as requested by our customers. 

As a home cleaning professional, you will be trained in proper procedures of cleaning a clients home in the most efficient but also the most highest standards to insure that we keep within our goal of keeping our clients happy, and keeping their pets and the environment healthy.

If you truly have the heartful love for animals, are mature, extremely reliable, detailed oriented, self motivated, pleasant to work with, committed to excellent customer service and would like to become part of our family of pet & home care professionals, this may be your dream job.

We want to find an individual who is dedicated to helping our business grow, so marketing and promoting our services will also be expected once you are familiar with us.  You will also be required to attend customer consultations, also called “meet and greet” visits when we go to meet a potential customer that will be assigned to you. This is where we find out what the customer expects from us, and where they get to know us and determine if they want to hire us to care for their beloved pets and/or their home.

If this sounds like something you would like to be doing, please read further! 


· Must live in Ocala

· Due to the nature of our work, you will spend a good deal of time driving to and from customer homes, so having a current driver’s license and a dependable car with current insurance is necessary.

· You must be FLEXIBLE. As this is a customer-driven business, we are often revising the schedule to meet the desires and needs of our clients. Your ability to work days as well as some evenings, weekends and holidays is highly desirable.

· You must be honest, dependable and trustworthy. Those who like to snoop, those who cannot follow directions or those who always run late need not apply.

· You must be able to follow directions. If a client has their dog on a diet, no matter how cute the dog is, you do not give the dog a treat. If the client instructs their pet be fed ¼ cup of food, you only feed the specified amount. The same thing goes with taking care of their home, follow every note of instruction!

· The client pays us to do the job the way they want it done, when they need it done. We need an employee who is dedicated to performing their job at an “exceed expectations” level to keep our customers highly impressed with our service.

· You must be physically fit enough to do the job, which may include bending, twisting, lifting and walking. Aside from walking a dog or cleaning a litter box, you might have to get down to look under the bed for a missing cat, sit on the floor to play with a puppy and throw a ball or Frisbee for dogs who love to play fetch. In some cleaning jobs, you may be streaching or reaching, climbing a ladder or bending at a strange position. you will need to be following safe procedures and still get the job done.

· You must have home internet access with email, a smart phone with unlimited texting, be organized and work well independently. Being honest and not afraid to own up to any mistakes you may make is mandatory.

· You also must have LOADS of common sense. There are often times when we go for a normal visit and something unexpected happens. Water heaters leak, alarms go off and animals escape, just to name a few of the unexpecteds.  Being able to assess the situation and make the best decision how to proceed is a requirement.

If you have not read the instructions on the steps needed to get an interview, goto: "Instructions Page"

If you are qualified to fulfill all the requirements please click on the link below, fill out the job application, and attach a Cover Letter & Résumé(Attachment method provided within the job application form). Again; Please read the instructions page first!

Please do not call us for this may disqualify you for an interview!
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Pet Services Worker
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