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Services Offered: The services I offer are each designed with your pet in mind and they can be provided separately or combined into a pet sitting visit.

ALL services are to be paid by check, credit card or cash before services start. 1st Rate Pet has the ability to swipe your credit card anywhere, if you prefer using your credit card instead of a check.

Specials (see our Coupons)
3 Week POOPER Special
Try our Pet Waste Removal Service for three weeks and get 1 initial cleaning and 2 weekly cleanings at 50% off the regular price.

Collect A $20 Gift Certificate For Every New Referral
Every new referral that books 5 days of pet sitting service with us earns $20.00 Gift Certificate. Check out the Referral Program for details and other referral offers.
  Dog Walking Service: The Dog Walking Service is available for 15 or 30 minute walks. I prefer to take your pet for a 30
minute walk that is more beneficial for him/her. Visit includes walking, fresh water and feeding if requested.

Rate:  $16.00 for 15 minutes OR $20.00 for 30 minutes
  Dog Park Visit: The Dog Park Visit Service is available for 1 hour of play at the park. Visit includes play time, fresh water
and feeding if requested. If your dog does not play well with others we will have to leave the park and we will take your dog for a
walk to calm down and still get the exercise needed. when we arrive back at your house we will inform you on how the visit went
and come up with ways to fix any situations that may have come up.

Your dog(s) must be wearing current Rabies Tags, County Registration tags, and an ID tag with your correct phone number.

Rate: 1 hour = $30.00 + gas mileage from your house to the park (up to 2 dogs) more than 2 dogs will cost extra.
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